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For once it feels like I'm not talking to myself.. Just want to thank those who have followed me lately.. Feels good to know that I'm not just writing in to the WWW. If you guys have any questions or comments, I read everything and love hearing from new people.. so say HI.. and I will for sure do the same.. Much love and appreciation to all you fellow bloggers out there.. :)
This is how you guys are making me smile right now..

Lets Share!

Lots of Love Zara xxx


  1. Its always good to know your not just talking to yourself, but everyone starts somewhere! you deserve so many more followers! :)


  2. AWW hun thanks.. I just commented back about the liquid metal! Thank you for nominating me.. means a lot.. I suppose people will come with time :) Its been a great week tho.. from 0 to 11.. :) so im still smiling.. how you feeling!? xxx

  3. awh cute even thou im not a fan of cats unless its hello kitty lol
    are you on twitter????

  4. OMG im obsessedddd with hello kitty you should see my bedroom, you would think it belonged to an 8 year old! I have twitter but dont use it very much! I have just made a new one for the blog :) Hopefully this one will get a bit more action lol!

    how can you not be a fan of cats how cute was that pic!?

  5. lol kittens i dont mind but im really scared of cats strange but very true lol lol
    im following you twitter account my names Kerry btw lol aka Juicygirl drop me a comment some time xoxo


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