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[Ginza, reminded me soo much of Times Sq.]

I decided to write a post that I mentioned a while back when the blog first started and well here I am indoors on a friday night and decided to share with you one of the most amazzzinng trips I have ever been on and that was to Tokyo! A friend of mine and myself went for 10 days and it was great apart from being totally lost in translation we had an awesome time! We stayed in an appartment in Roppongi and well our view was amazing.. We spent most of our evenings chatting on the balcony overlooking the Tokyo tower and loads of skyscrapers on the horizon! Heres a pic!!


Anyways I dont know where to start but just going to mention a few of my favourite places and what sort of treasures were picked up there! Firstly to anyone going to Tokyo you HAAAAAVEE to check out the 100 yen store, they are like the £ shops we have in the UK and places like Dollar tree in the US! So when we went in august 100 yen was working out to around 60p or something like that.. I bought SOME GREAATTT bits there I BOUGHT LOADSSS of Fake lashes and lotsa little bits mainly hello kitty and mainly the sort of stuff u dont need but want anyway! so that was defo a shop to check out! I think my favourite area had to be HARAJUKU as I thought it would be.. AND WOAHH.. this area is amazing full of great shops and really affordable unique one off pieces. Wether its clothes, accessories or shoes they have it!! Here you will find Tokyos most trendies cool kids, wether they are dolly like or punk like they look totally amazing! It was such an enjoyable experience and great place to be in... we actually went back there around 3/4 times! lol.. ALSO theres a MAHUSIVEEEEEE FOREVER 21.. which is always my favourite shop when in NY/ORLANDO.. AHH its 5 floors full of all things fabulous.. With that said I don't actually think i bought any clothes I just ended up buying accessories. Oh well good enough.! How could I forget.. Whilst in Harajuku we ended up spotting a few vintage stores and I got some great pieces which were 350 YEN each which was around £2.50.. most of these pieces need to be altered slightly but hey ho!

I think my second favourite area in Tokyo had to be ODAIBA.. this is man made island and I lovedddd this area.. its basically full of shopping centres.. I ended up buying a lot of stuff here. The area itself is lovely especially on a sunny day the views of the rainbow bridge, the skyline of tokyo and the statue of liberty are seriously amazing! Its even better at night.. Im trying real hard to remember what I bought here and my mind has gone blank anyways I'm going to let the pics do the rest of the talking because I think im close to rambling!!


[Harajuku Takeshita Street]


[Purchases from the first day lol!]


[Some of my fave jewelry finds!]


[Hello Kitty bus in ODAIBA.. ONLY TOKYO!]


[Statue of Liberty ODAIBA]




[Venus fort, beautiful mall in Odaiba]


[Shrie in Omotesando]

I actually have so many pics I want to upload.. BUT I will stop here for now..

Hope you like..

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  1. omg i soooooo jealouse!!!!!!!!!! i dream trip would be there!!


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