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Well seeing as I've begun speaking about my travelling thought I'd include some of my favourite finds whilst visiting different countries. This is going to be a broad contribution to this blog and the city I want to focus on today is..


as I write this i'm listening to a little bit of J.. Empire state of mind and thought ahh why not go all out and just blog about it! I am going to follow a similar pattern when talking about other cities. I'm thinking to do

Favourite Restaurant

Favourite Sites

Favourite Shops

Favourite Finds!

So here we go..

Favourite Restaurant : Park Avenue [Winter] This is an amazing restaurant that changes it's decor with seasons. When I went earlier this year it was Park Avenue winter and was gorgeous - with flowers, colours, ornaments and a seasonal menu really helps captures the atmosphere. The food was fantastic unfortuantley I was unwell so I couldnt taste all the wonderful flavours but what I had was lovely! Presentation was superb and I can't wait to go back in a different season. I got more excited when I was watching gossip girl and character Chuck Bass a 17 year old billionaire dined there, thats how I know it must be good ;)! It was quite pricey but perfect for that special occasion!





Also for yummy Ice cream head to the Ice Cream Parlour inside the Trump Tower.



Favourite Sites : Having been to New York a few times the 'Top of the Rock' never fails to amaze me, the views of Manhattan are crazy! I love being there and have spent hours just taking it all in! I prefer it to Empire State because I like that from the top of the roc you can see the Empire state along with Statue of Liberty on the horizon. Liberty Island is also great, I know its cliché but hey its NEW YORK! This statue of Liberty is huge and even though smaller ones are all over the globe this one just reminds me of being a kid and growing up and watching Michael Jackson dancing on it!





Favourite Shops : My favouirte shop in New York is Forever 21 because we don't have one here in London its the American take on Topshop and I love it, they have supercute accessories and everyone knows i'm a total accessory junkie! Obivously MAC is my other favourite store but I thought that one was a bit obvious! My favourite area to shop in New York is in Soho and definetley Broadway/Spring Street! With stores like Forever 21, Kid Robot, Topshop, BBC/Ice cream, Zara, Urban Outfitters, MAC (The list goes on) this is definetley a great area!!

Favourite Finds : As my trip to New York was a while back i'm going to leave this blank because I don't remember what I bought lol.. I know I raided MAC and Forever 21.. so I shall leave the rest up to imagination until I snap some pics!


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