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My Purrfect PINK


It's all about that perfect pink lippy..and here are 3 faves of mine..for me it's all about pinks so this is my

*Bright Pink look*

..NOT fuscia because that's a totally different story now! are 3 of my picks

1. Barry M lip paint in 62 This colour screams fabulous at such an affordable price! (around £5) Barry M products are available online or at superdrug stores (in the UK). This colour is really bright and highly pigmented, the texture is smooth and once on it feels relatively matt, the colour is long lasting and I would highly recomend this colour to someone who's unsure and experimenting with bright colours.

2. MAC 'Pink Nouveau' - This gorgeous pink isn't as bright as the Barry m.. But looks so lovely on almost all skin can be worn alone or really candy'd up with gloss! It's a super sexy satin finish and lasts for hours! It's a little more pricey at £12 but definetley a good investment lippy! It looks gorgeous when the colour is built up but also when its blotted off; it becomes this gorgeous subtle powdery pink!

3. YSL Rouge pur '49' - this was one of the first bright pink lippys I owned, everyone laughed at me when I said I was going to wear it (years ago)..however to this day I still get complimented on it - I love everything about this lipstick the packaging, the colour, the smell, the's amazing! Slightly more pricey than the mac and the priciest out of my chosen three, but believe me this lippy has not failed me!

[From Top to bottom; Barry M, MAC, YSL]

It's sooo hard to chose one favourite when it comes to these 3 I often keep them all with me and mix and match through the day! Sometimes lip colours look the best when they are mixed with others - this definetley applies for these 3 with the different finishes these colours can give you that purrrfect pink pout!

Smooches xxx

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