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Yesterday was one of those days.. one of those days when you just love the city you are in! It started off in Camden.. when the 3 of us (MF that is) went for a wander around the many markets.. it was cool, especially as I haven't been in a little while.. I bought these really lovely hooks that I cant wait to put up in my room..


we ended up stopping for shisha which was quite frankly disgusting!! We then continued our adventure on Oxford St. I left the guys and met up with an old school friend, she had managed to get us on the guestlist to the Swarovski 'Crystalzied' London Fashion Week event. It was really nice free drinks and a DJ that looked a bit like Jack Sparrow. Us girlys sat down and had a good ol catch up we later moved on to dinner at Wagamams which was much needed! Heres some pics from the magazine we were given I totally love the cheekiness of viv west ;)




We then met up with my fruit and all came home together..! NOT before having a belgium waffle with white chocolate.. MMMM that was absolute heaven!!! SO yeh it was a great day in and about London.. for the first time in a long time i felt like my old self!

oooh look at what I picked up today.. Its a winding watch.. I got this for £5.99 from a salvation army charity shop.. I thought this will be my 'holding' watch lol till i can get the fully gold Michael Kors one that I have been wanting for ages..! what do you think??


lotsa loveee xx

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