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My absolute favourite thing to do on a Sunday is go down to Brick Lane/Spitafields it has to be one of London's most precious GEMS! this sunday me and my beau were both off from work and decided to head down. LUCKILY the sun also came out to play :).. the atmosphere, the style, the busyness, the music (gutted that i left my camera @home) - AAHH just everything about Brick Lane summarizes what London is all about! There are few markets selling the most amazing hand made products, Fresh food from all over the world and vintage stalls; with sellers all showcasing their finest pieces. Every time I head down I have to visit this jewelry stall the name of the brand is 'GALIBARDY' and their jewelry is BEAUTIFUL.. its so original.. Ahh I lovvve it.. Here are two of the pieces my fruit bought for me :)

My hand looks pretty ugly here lol.. but here's the first piece - An angel wing ring.. It gold with this gold/amberish stones its so beautiful and its also adjustable so I can wear it on which ever finger I like! This is the heavenly piece!


The second piece is totally the opposite! Its a double crossbone ring! I LOVE THIS.. I have been wanting a double ring for some while now and well I decided to wait and I'm glad i Did.. this ring is super fierce and Hell like lol!



SO there you have it Heaven and Hell from my two rings! What do u think..

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  1. i really love that crossbone you know if i can still find it? or where? thank u!!


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